And, with that, Lent ends.

#boozefreeTaskis  #ginfreeTaskis

I am pleasantly surprised that I managed to avoid alcohol for the entire duration of Lent. 

Actually, wait. I would like to account for two occasions in which alcohol entered my body. Once was through red wine gravy, and the other was in the form of beer batter. But frankly, if you’re going to have Toad-in-the-hole, you need to do it properly. 

Now, my skeletons are aired, and I may continue. 

Yes, so, no real issues. The only time it appear to prove remotely difficult was usually when other people wanted to drink around me. Once that I had convinced them that I didn’t have any problem with folk drinking around me (and, it usually only took the once) things seemed to be fine. 

On reflection, if I was going to dedicate doing something consistently for 40 days, it should have been something slightly nobler like, I dunno, training for the half marathon (as if), or working with disadvantaged children (as if. It’s not the disadvantaged I have a problem with, it’s the kids. Yuck.) or maybe giving up swearing (as if. I am good at swearing. I should probably list it as a skill on my CV. “Can summon the most appropriate swearword for almost any social occasion”).

Booze it had to be, and booze it was. 

The gym, actually, turned out to be quite enjoyable and, a month in, I’m “feeling the benefits.” i.e. I’m not swearing and sweating when I am walking up a hill at fast pace now. I’m _just_ swearing. Because I’m probably running late. 

Also, it’s not had a wholly detrimental effect on my bank balance. I’ve not been boozing, so I’ve not been eating out so much. Perhaps with this burst of new-found energy (‘burst’ in the loosest of meanings), I have also become slightly able to plan ahead - not because I had some gin-induced fug of inability to organise a piss-up in a brewery - and I’ve been taking lunch INTO the office.

I know, right? The very HEIGHT of daily organisation. So, I’ve taken business away from My Burrito (soz, chaps) but I’m not in my overdraft. Swings and roundabouts. 

Right. Must go. I’ve got two 1 litre bottles of Bombay Sapphire chilling in the fridge and needs attention. Not all at once.